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Getting Started with ScheduleSource --- Script for Tutorials 1-4
» 1.   How To Find The Logon Page
» 2.   How To Logon To ScheduleSource Teamwork
» 3.   How To Change Your Password, Contact Info or Display
» 4.   How To View Your Schedule

Optional ScheduleSource Teamwork Employee Tutorials
Note: Your access to the features in the following tutorials
will depend upon your organization's selected options.

View the full schedule --- Script for Tutorial 5
» 5.   How To View The Organization Schedule

Manage your days off --- Script for Tutorials 6-8
» 6.   How To Request A Day Off
» 7.   How To Access Granted Days Off List
» 8.   How To Access Days Off Summary

Manage your available times to work --- Script for Tutorials 9-11
» 9.    How To Enter Your Availablility
» 10.  How To Enter An Alternate Availability
» 11.  How To Enter a Date Based Availability

Manage your shifts --- Script for Tutorials 12-13
» 12.  How Acknowledge A Shift
» 13.  How Split or Merge Shifts

Using the swapboard
» 14.  How To Place A Shift On the Swapboard
» 15.  How To Claim Shifts From the Swapboard

Using the collaboration options
» 16.  How To Access The Message Board
» 17.  How To Access Calendar Events
» 18.  How To Setup Email Notifications

Using the time and attendance options
» 19.  How To Clock On and Off
» 20.  How To Make A Time Card Entry
» 21.  How To Access Your Timesheet

1. Turn on the sound on your computer and click a tutorial in the menu above, then wait for the tutorial to start.
2.Use the toolbar at the bottom of the presentation to control the demo.
3.You can stop, pause, replay the demo using the controls on the toolbar.
There's nothing else to click on, just sit back, watch and listen!
The toolbar looks like this:

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